Tanner's Plank

Height : 3/4" (nominal)
Width : 4" (nominal)
Length: random (nominal)
Square feet per carton: 24.05 square feet
Species: Seringa
Edges: T&G, Hand Hewn

24.05 square feet per carton
Cartons per pallet: 50
Pallets per container: 40': 16 pallets

Structural: Lifetime, Surface: 25-year residential, 3-year commercial
Features and Benefits

Natural Beauty
"Skip Sawn", lightly distressed surface for aged appearance
Elegant naturally created colors

Timeless Elegance
Silk matte UV cured polyurethane finish
Beveled and hand hewn edges

Easy to maintain
No oil or wax maintenance
Simply sweep, vacuum or dry mop

Lacey Act compliant
Finish is free of Urea Formaldehyde
Renewable resource


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